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Radio Traffic Saver - Better than a VOX Recorder



Join Our FREE Affiliate Program To Start Earning a 40% Commission On Each Sale Of Radio Traffic Saver You Generate by Simply Sending People To Our Website

(NOTE: This page is for affiliates, not mfg-reps or retailers. Please contact us if you are interested in selling any of our products at a retail level.)

Do you have a website where you can promote this software? How would you like to be paid for every item that is sold when someone clicks on a link from your site? It is very easy and it is called an Affiliate Program.

  • Setup an account with - This is the company that manages payments and sends you checks.
  • Post a link or image from below to your site.
  • Clickbank will send you a check twice a month for sales.
  • When you use the special link provided on the product's affiliate page, ClickBank places a cookie on the computer of the person who clicks the link on your site. Our billing is processed by ClickBank. When ClickBank processes a payment from a computer that clicked on your link(within 60 days of clicking the link) you receive credit for that sale and money is deposited in your ClickBank account. When you reach the minimum disbursement amount, they send you a check. It is very easy and very reliable which is why we use ClickBank to manage our affiliate system. ClickBank has a lot of options but you can ignore all of them. Just setup an account and remember your login/password. You do not have to setup anything else and you do not have to setup any products. Just use the below links and the rest is automatic. To sign up with clickbank Click HERE for

    How Much Do I Get Paid? Of course, the total payment depends on the traffic to your website and how many people actually click the link and purchase. The current payment is shown below for each product category. If the payment was 40%, that means if a $20 sale is made, you make $8. The actual commission varies by product.

       Reasons to join our affiliate program:
  • Impressive 40% commission on every sale, because as an affiliate marketer myself, I know what it is like to earn measly 10% commissions for loads of work.
  • 60 day tracking system, even if a customer comes back two months later, you will get credit for it.
  • Checks are cut every two weeks.
  • The best tracking software in the industry, as it is run through ClickBank
  • 100% Free to sign up, with no minimum sales quotas, No risk to you at all.
  • It only takes minutes to start earning commissions.
  • If you sell 3 $47 products per day a day, this would be $20,586.00 a year, that's a full time income!
  • Converts in many different niches, education, college, seniors, self-improvement and parenting for Speed Reading/Memory products, and for eBay related products, there are over 80 Million eBay users in the USA alone, so pretty much a wide cross section of every group.
  • You do not have to ship anything or deal with any customers. We take care of that.


     Step One: Sign Up with ClickBank

    ClickBank is the world's largest digital product merchant. You can sign up for free and your account will be immediately active. To Sign Up WIth ClickBank, Click HERE


     Step Two: Put the below URL on your website.

    Radio Traffic Saver Affiliate Links

    Commission 40% Most purchased product price $19.95(which is 10.00 cheaper than we sell the same product for on our website)

    You can use the following links on your site. Replace eliteminds in the below link with the user ID that you create when you setup your ClickBank Account. When someone clicks on this link and purchases a product through the ClickBank site, you get paid.

    Copy and paste this link into your website to start generating commissions. You must use this exact link except replace the first part with your affiliate code from Clickbank. This is the link to our special page:




    NEXT: Start Sending Traffic

        There are many different ways to send traffic to this site, you could use Google AdWords with a PPC campaign, use article or forum marketing, send traffic via your website, etc. Here are some of the most popular promotion methods:
  • Placing links on your website and going out of your way to recommend or review the product. If you actually recommend this product to your visitors, the conversion rates can easily double or triple.
  • Recommend the product (It is worth mentioning twice because your regular site visitors will trust your recommendation) as part of a self improvement or profit making idea of your own or give an example of how the product helped you.
  • Forum Marketing (using signature links and properly placed forum posts)
  • Using article marketing (via Ezine, iSnare, etc.)
  • PPC Campaigns (Keywords ads from various sites)
  • Free classified ads
  • Writing a review for your mailing lists
  • Simply spread the word in general to friends and family
  • Any other method you can think of that produces results.
  • This affiliate program only applies to the Radio Traffic Saver Software and does not apply to any other products listed on our site.

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