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This page contains links to my favorite sites. I am constantly adding and updating this page so check back often. If you are a scanner listener, then you will find these to be very useful.

Find Local Frequencies

Find Local Frequencies at

There are many sites offering frequencies but sometimes it can be hard to find the one you want among the hundreds with matching keywords. This site is a great place to find local frequencies plus it has many organization lists that are not found elsewhere.

You can search for Yahoo Groups using this form.

In the below box, replace YOURSCANNER with your scanner model number, example BCD996T or BC785D or Pro-97 to find discussion groups for your scanner. These groups also have file sections where you can find pre-made frequency databases for most major cities. You will need software from the Software Page to upload these pre-made databases to your scanner.


You can search for frequencies using this form.

Replace YOURCITY with your city name, or your county name or your state name to find the frequencies you are looking for.


More comming soon, no time now, join my mailing list to get the Federal Frequency list and I will include more links in it.




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