Cables are no longer available from

You have 3 options: 1 Buy a cable and modify it from pfranc. 2. Buy a factory Icom cable 3 build your own cable from scratch

1 Buy a cable from at

Order the regular PC link cable which is PC-Link(2.5mm)

This has the wrong size end so you will need an extension cable from 2.5mm to 3.5mm stero and you will need to change the wiring as described below

For ICOM IC-R5, ICOM IC-R2, R10,and Yaesu FT-50R as well as others


Below is a cable summary from

Icom uses the ring of the mini (3.5mm) stereo phono plug connector for data in and out. They use the tip for audio to mono head phones.
All you need to do is connect both transmit and receive to the ring of a mini-stereo male connector. Do not connect the tip unless you want to connect it to an audio out.

Ingredients for Larry's cable to an Icom IC-R3 that works.

1 - Purple Computing cable from PC-Link(2.5mm)
1 - female sub-mini stereo to male mini-stereo adapter(3.5)
1 - female mini-stereo to male mini-mono adapter
------- At this point you have a Radio Shack Pro-92 Cable ----------
1 - Made by Tim - female mini-mono to a male mini-stereo
connector with the tip of the mono connected to only the ring
of the stereo connector.
---------Now you have an Icom IC-Rx compatible cable ----------------
All you need to do now is verify that RTS=Low for Arcsoft/butel software, for software simply run the software, it will default to this type of cable.

Long Version - also known as the Engineers pat on the back version.

I spent a little bit of time getting this to work I am proud to say.
A couple nights, a soldering iron, and two trips to Radio Shack
and I had a cable that works for both my Pro-92 and IC-R3 scanners.

I origionally bought your cable to work with a radio shack Pro-92
scanner. I needed to purchase a "female sub-mini stereo to
male mini-stereo adapter" and a "female mini-stereo to male
mini-mono" adapter. This worked like a charm for the Pro-92!

To make the Icom IC-R3 work I needed to make a cable to
go down to the ring of a male mini-stereo connector. I found
a female mini-mono solder connector and then took a mini-stereo
cable and cut it up so that I had the male mini-stereo connector
still on it. I then ohmed out the cable and found the wire to
the ring and soldered it to the tip connection on the female
mini-mono solder connector. Obviously I solder the ground
of the mini-stereo to the ground lug of the mini-mono.
Are you still with me?

Now I had both transmit and receive on the ring of the
male mini-stereo connector that I could plug into the
Icom IC-R3. Unfortunately that wasn't the end because
the software I had would put the radio into clone mode
but would never read the data into the PC. I figured all
I had left to play with was the RTS and DTR levels.
I found a setting in the softwares .ini file for RTS=1.
I figured it was worth a try so I changed it to RTS=0
and saved the file. I wasn't really expecting much, but
was I ever surprised when hit the upload scanner to
PC and the softwares progess indicator started turning
blue toward 100 percent.

THIS IS FROM PFRANC.COM ON HOW TO MAKE ICR2 ARC2 software work with his cables
Basically to use the cable
set RTS=-V and DTR=+V

2. Buy a factory Icom cable

3. Build your own cable, see here for instructions