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Program and Control your BC95XLT Uniden Bearcat Scanner

FREE EXCLUSIVE BONUS: Don't miss this 2 for the price of one! This package includes the ARC95 Software plus:

The Radio Traffic Saver Software(normally sold for $29.95 alone)


  • ARC95 (Only US$ 24.95! ) is our software for programming the Uniden BC95XLT and is the most versatile software available for the Uniden BC95XLT Nascar race scanner.

    Screenshot from our memory editor: the most versatile memory editor available on the market:

    Overview of options in ARC95:

    ARC95 includes THE most versatile memory editor available on the market.

    • ARC95 is only compatible with the Uniden BC95XLT
    • New: Enhanced scanner communication, software will automatically set baudrate and comport for you.
    • Conventional frequencies import option
    • Paste Frequencies DIRECTLY from any website using WebCatcher or 'Paste Special'
    • Setup channels in an easy, spreadsheet type interface.
    • Store Unlimited number of configurations on your harddisk.
    • Copy/Move/Swap memory banks / memory channels
    • Compatible with Windows 98 / Win2000 / XP / Vista
    • Easy cut/copy/paste data between channels and banks.
    • Move channels up and down with quick move buttons
    • Enhanced Import/Export CSV data
    • ARC95 files uses the new innovative 'BuTel universal file format'!
    • Fill down/series option
    • Full clipboard support for import/export data to/from other applications
    • Easy data toggle with mouse double click or space bar or keyboard shortcuts
    • Sort frequencies per bank
    • Sort a range of channels
    • Free updates
    • Remove duplicate frequencies
    • Extra Dummy bank for storing temporary data while you are re-organising your scanner channels.
    • Print option

      System Requirements:

    • Windows 98/xp/2000/vista
    • PC interface cable (serial or USB)
    • Free serial port or USB1 converter cable for USB ports

Poking those tiny keys is the hard way to program, the Arc95 software is the easy and fast way to put your frequencies where you want, in the order you want and update anytime you want.

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This is an exclusive offer that is only available when ordering through this website. When you order your ARC programming software using the below order button, you will also receive absolutely free:

  • Radio Traffic Scanner - This is a must have tool for every scanner listener. Never miss important radio traffic again. Log all traffic for replay anytime, instantly replay the last 15, 30, or 60 seconds, archive dispatch traffic. See it HERE This program normally sells for $29.95 by itself but with this special offer you can receive a free copy with your programming software purchase. The RTS software works with ALL scanners and 2-way radios.

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