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BC895XLT Uniden Bearcat Remote Control Software
Only $12.95
Available for Immediate Download.


The Uniden 895XLT scanner has the ability to be remote controlled and programmed by any PC.

To connect your computer to your scanner you need a cable.
Remove the small black cover on the back of your BC895XLT to reveal the connector pins.

CLICK HERE for a pinout diagram you can use to build your own calbe for the BC895XLT.

Special Features

Extended Scaning: 12,000 Channels
This software has the unique Extended Scanning© Technology that allows you to scan up to 12,000 frequencies. You are no longer limited to the 300 that are built into the scanner. You can also use text tags to identify each frequency by name in this mode.

The scanner has the ability to search some pre-programmed frequencies such as Public Service, Air, Marine, and Weather but the sofware adds the ability to scan over 20 pre-programmed bands.
Here are all the bands that can be searched:
Public Service
Marine Radio
Aircraft Mobile Phone/Pager
Mobile Telephone/Pager
Cordless Phone
Cordless Phone New
900Mhz Cordless Phone
Baby Monitor/Walkie Talkies
Race Car
Race Car Hi
Amateur Radio 10 Meter
Amateur Radio 6 Meter
Amateur Radio 2 Meter
Amateur Radio 70 cm
Amateur Radio 33 cm
Wireless Microphones
Family Radio/GMRS
Railroad Hi

That's not all! With this software you can keep a log of all frequencies you found with voice traffic automatically. You do not even have to be at your computer. The Service Band searches common frequencies used for Fire/Police/Medical Services/Aircraft/Railroad/Weather etc You can lockout birdie frequencies that cause your searches to hang at the press of a button so no worries with hanging on bad frequencies.

You can use the keys on the scanner image by clicking on them. This lets you make adjustments or changes even when the scanner is in remote mode or out of reach.

Loading Info
You can load frequencies and settings from the scanner, edit them and save them back to the scanner. You can transfer frequencies from one bank to another by changing the bank number and clicking Save Channels

Saving Frequency Lists
You can save all frequencies to a text file and restore that text file if your scanner looses it's memory. You can even use the Bc245xlt software to save your Bc245xlt scanner frequencies then load them to this scanner or the other way. The data files are completely compatable between the two programs. This is a useful feature when you use the Uniden 1-900 number to download frequencies for your BC245XLT and want to use those frequencies on your 895. The same lists can also be used by the 12,000 channel scanning feature.

Recording Radio Traffic
This is a very neat feature. If you want to monitor and save all traffic on a particular frequency or talk group, or simply record all traffic you can set your scanner to monitor what you are interested in, then turn on the software record feature. When you come back after work you can review all the scanner traffic for the day. This is more reliable than the built in feature, you do not need to select individual channels to record, you can record all channels with traffic, you are also not limited to the slow mechanical operation of a standard tape recorder. No delay before recording starts, no wear and tear on a tape recorder or pinching a tape all day in the pinch-roller. With the software Record function you are also able to record during the Search function. You can use the buttons on screen to change settings while recording or before recording. It will then record only the active conversations and no quiet times. All traffic can be saved to a .wav file.
You can now record all traffic to one continous wav file or you can record each hit to an individual time/date/frequency stamped wave file.

This software is not available elsewhere, it is distributed EXCLUSIVELY by us. The software has been tested with Win95/98/ME/XP/2kPro/Vista/Win7/WIn8.
This version does not edit talk group ID's or Fleet Maps. Talk Group ID's can still be entered manually or your can let the scanner search on it's own to find them using the ID search feature to find all active Talk Group ID's. Best results with Conventional programming.

Click Here for Screen Shots

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Don't forget, this includes a free copy of the Frequency Logger for your 895xlt too.

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$12.95 - Download on final receipt page



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