BC245XLT Uniden Bearcat Remote Control Software For the PalmOS
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All of the best features of the original ScanPro245 software have been converted for the PalmOS.

Connecting Your Scanner
To use this software you must be able to connect your PalmOS device to your scanners 9 pin serial port. Below are some common connectors if you do not have one
Palm V handheld 9-pin serial port cable
Palm III or VII 9-pin serial port cable
Palm m100 cable

The software should work on any of the following and possibly other PalmOS devices running 3.1 or preferably 3.5 or later
Palm III, Palm IIIc, Palm IIIx, Palm M100, Palm V, Palm VII, Palm Vx, Palm VIIx, Palm m500, Palm m505, Handspring Visor, IBM Workpad, Kyocera SmartPhone, Sony Clie, Symbol SPT1500, Symbol SPT1700, and TRG Pro (assuming you have the correct serial port adapter for the device)
The program requires approximately 498k Unless you are already running the Booster program, then only 100k is needed.

Frequency Editor
Shown above. You can edit frequencies, set trunking channels, and trunking system type here. Click on the Status display to show the scanner mode and squelch status anytime. Page through the entire bank to edit any frequency.

The Monitor feature allows you to see the frequency deviation for the current channel.

No longer is it such a chore to search for frequencies. You can now easily enter the frequency range and press one button to start.

Priority/Data Skip/Attenuation
Easily change the Priority Channel for any bank, turn data skip on and off, set global attenuation

This software is the perfect compliment to the full ScanPro245 software allowing you to easily make changes to your scanner on the go or stick with your PalmOS full time, anywhere.

This software is not available elsewhere, it is distributed EXCLUSIVELY from this website and our listings on ebay.

For other Uniden and Radio Shack scanner Software see blackbagsoftware.com

Click Here for Screen Shots