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Program and Control your AOR 8600 Series Uniden Bearcat Scanner

FREE EXCLUSIVE BONUS: Don't miss this 3 for the price of one! This package includes the ARC8600 Software plus:

The Radio Traffic Saver(normally sold for $29.95 alone) and the Classic 1990s Scanner-Radio File Collection of over 700 files.

Pre-programmed databases, just upload to your scanner and it is instantly prgrammed(includes Los Angeles Police/Sheriff/Fire digital systems, California HIghway Patrol, Ventura County CA,Nascar, and Washington DC Police)


ARC8600 includes the most versatile memory editor available on the market, our 'intelligent system browser' technology makes navigation as easy as possible and you can customize the browser.

VFO Virtual Control

Control your VFO's. You can program an extra 10 often used preset frequencies.


This is the ARC8600 Software which is an all in one collection of utilities for programming and controlling the AR8600 series.

  • Windows 98/XP/2000
  • ARC8600 is not compatible with Windows VISTA and will not be updated for Vista. (Drag that old laptop or PC out of the closet!) This is no problem for you however, just pull that old computer or laptop out of the closet and use it as a dedicated system. If you don't have an XP computer, check eBay where you can buy laptops complete with XP installed and ready to run with dead batteries which you can then run from AC power instead of the battery. You can grab these for almost nothing because most people fail to see how they can be useful tools for software like this.
  • ARC8600 frequency limit is 2000 MHz.
  • Only support 16 bit filenames

Memory Bank Manager

The best memory manager you can get. Presents data in a spread sheet. Supports clipboard and many other options suggested by users.
Only the ARC8600 memory manager really reads ALL parameters stored in your memorybanks!

Search Bank Manager

A spreadsheet type editor for your search banks. Supports clipboard and many other options suggested by users.
Only the ARC8600 search manager really reads ALL parameters stored in your memorybanks (compare this list with any other software package):

  • Start Frequency
  • Stop Frequency
  • Mode
  • Automode
  • Step
  • Step-adjust
  • Step Shift
  • Text
  • Att
  • AFC
  • Noise Limiter
  • Protect
  • Offset

Bandplan Manager

Your AR8600 has a so called preprogammed bandplan. In automode the scanner will automaticaly select mode and step from a default bandplan that is stored inside the scanner.
As you probably noticed the factory bandplan is not very good.
With the bandplan manager your download / edit and upload the bandplan. You can modify it very easy for your own convenience.
Your personal bandplan is stored in the AR8200 in non volatile memory.

Spectrum Analyser

The spectrum analyser include in ARC8600 can be used to search for new or secret frequencies. while you are working, sleeping the spectrum analyser search a frequency range and shows you a grafical presentation of any activity that took place.
The spectrum analyser was desgined together with professional radio monitoring companies!
But there is more: the spectrum analyser not only shows activity but also calculates a hit ratio for every frequency. The hitratio shows how often a frequency is used. More screenshots and a description of the powerzoon and ARCtune option

Fastlog utility: You can't get faster than fastlog!

This small program simply logs frequencies that are found during a search. It uses the search banks of the AR8600 and therefor is searches at high speed. In the logfile you will find frequency, signal strength and time and date.

In the March 2000 review of ARC8200 by John Catalano, tests show the power of fastlog: "The results substantiated the fact that ScanCat is one lazy cat. ScanCat took almost three minutes, as compared to Fastlog's 48 seconds and Tuner's one minute! During the five minute search, ScanCat only found eight active frequencies as compared to Fastlog's forty-six logged frequencies. These tests were done within minutes of each other."

Tone Seeker for optional tone unit.

Instead of turning the dial to find the correct tone for the tone eliminator this small program will do that for you automatically.


Backup and Restore Utility

  • A software version of the AR8600 clone option.
  • The process is fully remote controlled so you do not need to set the AR8200 to clone mode using the keyboard!
  • Create a FULL backup of your AR8600 Eeprom. All settings are stored.
  • Restore a backup.
  • With this tool you can clone your AR8600 with other people worldwide.





This is an exclusive offer that is only available when ordering through this website. When you order your ARC8600 programming software here, you will also receive absolutely free:

  • Radio Traffic Scanner - This is a must have tool for every scanner listener. Never miss important radio traffic again. Log all traffic for replay anytime, instantly replay the last 15, 30, or 60 seconds, archive dispatch traffic. See it HERE This program normally sells for $29.95 by itself but with this special offer you can receive a free copy with your programming software purchase. The RTS software works with ALL scanners and 2-way radios.

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